The secret weapon of successful marketers everywhere

How it works

A small piece of code is placed on your website

Visitors to your site will see ads for your campaign as they visit other websites

Donors see your ad, feel inspired to give, and click the donate button right away

Short campaigns. Maximum effort.

Stay “omnipresent” during your campaign. Retargeting allows you to stay top-of-mind until you’ve reached your goal.

Always one step ahead

Utilize Facebook, YouTube, and GoogleAd Network to inspire your donors wherever they land.

Fundraise while you sleep

Retargeting is like having a personal ad assistant that never sleeps, never takes a break, and never forgets to mention your campaign.

Include your email list

Upload the email addresses of your subscribers to include them in your retargeting efforts.

Love at 7th sight

With retargeting, your campaign becomes “sticky” like a commercial jingle that you can’t stop humming.

Retargeting maximizes your campaign results


Average Return on Investment


Average Percentage of Donors to a Campaign


Average Percentage of Funds thru Retargeting

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