Emergencies can occur anytime, anywhere, to anyone. And when they do, friends and family want to support their loved ones in distress.

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When you launch a tragedy campaign with CauseMatch, you empower huge networks of people to rally around those in need. You give them a portal to raise money online to alleviate someone else’s pain and suffering. You can’t make the tragedy go away entirely, but you can make life just a little bit easier

All tragedy campaigns are free on the CauseMatch platform.*

Whether it’s a car accident or mounting medical bills…

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whether a mother can’t pay for dinner tonight or is facing eviction…

whether a natural disaster has hit or a house fire has ravaged a home…

your emergency fundraising campaign enables others to open their hearts and support people in dire need.

When you launch your CauseMatch campaign, you receive a custom donate page that is:

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Simple to set up in just minutes

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Optimized both for desktop and mobile users

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Easy to share across multiple platforms

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Equipped to process mobile payment technologies, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal

Money goes directly to the connected bank account without any delay. 

Because when there’s an emergency, every moment is precious.

We know this is a trying time for you and your loved ones. Dealing with a tragedy is unbelievably stressful.

Customer support is available 24/6 with an average response time UNDER two minutes.

* Campaigns are free, but credit card fees apply.
“Tipping” is available for donors to cover platform fees.

Tragedy campaigns that have warmed our hearts:

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