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Unleash the power of peer-to-peer fundraising. Widen your donor base and inspire larger gifts.


Unleash the power of peer-to-peer fundraising. Widen your donor base and inspire larger gifts.

Trusted by thousands of nonprofits

See how nonprofits all over the world are utilizing peer-to-peer fundraising to raise more!

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One Platform, Unlimited Fundraising Potential

Capture more online donations and build more meaningful donor experiences through peer-to-peer fundraising.

Fundraising Platform

Tired of working on your fundraising alone? A peer-to-peer campaign gives you a team of partners. Enlist your supporters to inspire their networks to give generously.

Popular features:

  • Peer-to-peer ambassador recruitment platform
  • Matching campaigns and giving days
  • Virtual and hybrid events


A dedicated fundraising coach will guide you through the planning and execution of a smart, data-driven campaign that will yield strong results.

Popular features:


  • Mobilize and galvanize ambassadors
  • Campaign goal setting analysis
  • Maximizing ambassador engagement and success


Fundraising storytellers craft your message using a research-based approach to bring in new donors and reactivate past donors.

Popular features:


  • Digital storytelling by expert fundraising copywriters
  • Email packages and best practices
  • Online advertising and retargeting

What our customers say

Our community had tried unsuccessfully for YEARS to scrap together the funding needed for our new building. Then we decided to work with CauseMatch. We were a bit skeptical that this could work. We were fighting years of disappointment and even some apathy due to previous failures. But from the get go the CauseMatch team was honest, encouraging, helpful, and offered valuable guidance. We followed their playbook, and IT WORKED. We successfully raised over $300,000! We benefited from the helpful guidance from beginning to end. And the platform was AMAZING.

Noam Shapiro

Noam Shapiro

I am so grateful to the entire CauseMatch team.  With their help, we at MEOR catapulted our fundraising success and reached out to thousands of donors.  MEOR has raised millions of dollars with CauseMatch for a fraction of what it would have cost to hire a fundraising team to achieve the same results.  Not only did MEOR save on the cost of the team but the time and money it would take to travel to visit so many donors.  This is 2022, there is no better way to raise money.  We were able to rally over 3,000 donors in our recent campaign and energize our entire team and volunteers to see such incredible results.

Debbie Kodish

Debra Kodish

I think causematch could be great for many other organizations as well and i have seen the power of the challenge matching grants to get people to give.
Raphael Shore

Raphael Shore

Causematch knows their stuff.They went above and beyond to make our campaign a success. From concept to creation to execution, they were perfect

David Litwack


There are alot of crowdfunding sites, so why choose CauseMatch?

With CauseMatch, you give donors the absolute best online donating experience.

If you're...

raising money online
for a humanitarian, medical,
or social service organization

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If you're...

looking for online fundraising solutions for a religious institution or school fundraiser

If you're...

searching for the smartest platform for your next charity event, a way to host your GivingTuesday campaign, or your next big fundraising idea
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CauseMatch is the best platform for you.

When it comes to online donations, online fundraising, and online crowdfunding,
CauseMatch utilizes smart, peer-to-peer marketing so you can receive donations from more donors
and raise more money than you ever thought you could.

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