In 2022, CauseMatch clients rescued $2,359,934 using Donor Rescue. How much can YOU rescue?

More than 75% of the people who start to donate to your organization online will stop before they hit SUBMIT. This represents a HUGE missed opportunity, especially when you factor how much time and effort you have put into attracting people to your campaign page in the first place.


Don't Complicate - AUTOMATE!

Send automated messages to donors (use the templates provided or customize the mails for your unique audience)

The (Socially-Distanced) Personal Touch

If the donor used a link sent by a Fundraising Ambassador, the Ambassador will automatically get a head’s up so s/he can reach out to the donor directly via text message or WhatsApp. In fact, studies show that 95% of text messages are read within just 3 minutes of being sent. And, with more and more donations being made from mobile devices, it makes sense to contact donors while they are still holding the device they were trying to donate from.

This personal touch is often all the incentive donors need to complete their donation. Remember: people give to people, not to organizations! 

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Our Story

CauseMatch is a peer-to-peer fundraising platform designed to help you increase your donor base and raise more money from each donor. The platform was born in 2017 after CEO Joseph Bornstein ran his own crowdfunding campaign to help a friend’s family. He saw firsthand how the power of charity crowdfunding could bring amazing results and he wanted to create a technological solution that would make it easier to share every organization’s important mission, encourage greater giving, and to bring measurable results.

Manage abandoned gifts with an easy-access dashboard

Notifications alert a staff member, Fundraising Ambassador, and/or the prospective donor about abandoned donations

Send donors a courteous reminder that they can still complete their donation

See how Donor Rescue works

A quick case study:

An NYC-based education nonprofit recently ran a campaign and enabled Donor Rescue. 


Dollars recovered


Donors recovered


Average gift value of recovered donations


Percentage of money raised through Donor Rescue


Percentage of total donors who gave through Donor Rescue

Donor Rescue runs so you can raise money while you sleep.  There is no reason NOT to enable it. 

When three-quarters of users will leave before completing their transaction…

When it’s so easy to send them an automatic message…

When a Fundraising Ambassador can follow-up with a gentle reminder…

Donor Rescue will help you get the donations you seek.

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