CauseMatch + PhoneRaise

A fundraising call center in the palm of your hand

Less Stress. Less Mess.

 Assign volunteers, track progress, and connect with donors with one simple click.

No more paper

No paper lists or spreadsheets are needed. Contact donors with one tap of your phone.


Choose how you want to contact your donors. Call, text, email, send a WhatsApp message, or all of the above.

One-click assignments

Organizers can assign volunteers to prospects with the click of a button.

You won’t find it anywhere else

CauseMatch is the only fundraising platform that offers call center efficiency, empowering you to sync data between both platforms.

Your full donor database is waiting at your fingertips.

The PhoneRaise interface makes it easy for your Fundraising Ambassadors to connect with donors faster and track what happens on these calls.

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Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Is
The Absolute Best Way To Find New Donors.
Here Are The Principles Behind The Strategy. ​

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Download the ebook for FREE today.

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