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CauseMatch is a peer-to-peer fundraising platform designed to help you increase your donor base and raise more money from each donor. The platform was born in 2017 after CEO Joseph Bornstein ran his own crowdfunding campaign to help a friend’s family. He saw firsthand how the power of charity crowdfunding could bring amazing results and he wanted to create a technological solution that would make it easier to share every organization’s important mission, encourage greater giving, and to bring measurable results.

CauseMatch + PhoneRaise

A fundraising call center in the palm of your hand

The Ambassador Command Center

Activate your Ambassadors
in real-time for 6x better results


The secret weapon of successful marketers everywhere

Donor Connect

Email, WhatsApp, or text your donors and Ambassadors without leaving your dashboard

Level Up Coaching

Inspire your donors and Ambassadors to support you

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Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Is
The Absolute Best Way To Find New Donors.
Here Are The Principles Behind The Strategy. ​

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Download the ebook for FREE today.

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