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Ignite your cause

Inspire your community. Increase your Donations. Raise more funds.

Set new fundraising records and fire-up your community to support your cause.

Get up to. . .
4.9x More donors
3.1x Larger gift sizes
5x More raised
Our platform “gamifies” the donor experience, allowing users to emotionally connect with the opportunity to have their gifts’ impact amplified thanks to matching funds.


I am confident we could not have reached
our goal using any other platform.
Curt Bowen30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs

Why you should choose CauseMatch

CauseMatch will help you ignite your community to break fundraising records and inspire your support base.

Gamified Giving™

Our unique platform uses the excitement and credibility of matching grants to the crowd.

Digital Storytelling

Our team of digital storytellers help tell your story in an inspiring and compelling way.

Set new records with our Gamified Giving™ Platform

The concept of matching grants is built into the architecture of CauseMatch.
This creates a gamified giving experience that connects the donor to the fact that their gift is being doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled.

“CauseMatch knows their stuff. They went above and beyond to make our campaign a success. From concept to creation to execution, they were perfect.

Executive Director Save a Child’s Heart

Digital storytelling: Unleash the power of your story

We have helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars by telling their story in an inspiring way.
We’ll help you conceptualize the “sell” of your campaign, formulate your campaign copy, develop graphics and even script, film, and produce your campaign video.

“This has been a completely different experience for me than Kickstarter.

Doug Hershey, Ezra Adventures Founder

How CauseMatch Ignites Your Campaign

Concepting: Developing a compelling concept for your campaign

What is the visionary impact that a donor can make when contributing to your campaign? What profound difference will they have been a part of achieving? And will your community feel they did something truly remarkable by supporting your campaign? These are the key questions we delve into when conceptualizing and honing the “sell” of your campaign.

Campaign Copy Assistance

Once you have defined a visionary concept for your campaign, you need to tell your story in the most emotional and compelling way possible. That’s where our team of Digital Storytellers comes in. We’ll help you tell your story in a way to ignite your community and inspire generosity.

Graphic design

Campaigns with strong visuals get more clicks, Shares, Likes, and ultimately more funds raised. Our graphics team makes sure that your campaign’s main image is visually appealing and communicates the right message to your community.

Video Production

In today’s world, video is the #1 way of telling your story digitally and online. That’s why from script to storyboard and from editing to production, we’ve got you covered. Our Digital Storytellers are masters at everything from scripting to film production. Your Campaign Success Coach will help you produce an amazing video that makes your organization and work shine.

Campaign Success Coaching

A crowdfunding campaign has a beginning, middle and end. There is a narrative arc that every successful campaign must tell in order to inspire and mobilize their support base. Our Campaign Success Formula™ is a guided process that helps nonprofits secure matching donors and launch highly successful crowdfunding campaigns. Each campaign receives a Dedicated Fundraising Coach that will guide you through our battle worn process from “A to Success.”

Ignition Pack Access

After extensive A/B testing, experimentation and email optimization, we’ve developed a series of exact templates and guidelines for you to follow. These materials have been tested through millions of dollars worth of campaigns to ensure optimal results and rocket fuel for your campaign.

CauseMatch’s Rocket Fuel Package

  • Best Pricing

    5% including creative and coaching services. No charge on matching funds!

  • Raise up-to 5x more

    Crush fundraising records with our battleworn fundraising formula.

  • Gamified GivingTM

    Connect your donors with the unique chance to make an amplified impact.

  • Digital Storyellers

    Our Digital Storytellers will help you conceptualize and craft your campaign.

  • Team Fundraising

    Activate new leaders. Empower volunteers with a personal fundraising page.

  • Campaign Success Coaching

    An experienced, professional fundraising coach will guide you through our process.

Ignite my cause
  • Urgency

    Limited time + Matching Grant at stake

  • Empower

    Each dollar donated is worth 2x, 3x, or 4x thanks to matching funds

  • Creative content

    Creative Gurus help you tell your story

  • Coaching

    Fundraising Coaches ensure effective execution

  • Max Success

    Campaign Success Formula™ proven to help you set new fundraising records

Affordable, easy and secure. All around the world.
  • PayPal and Credit card support
  • Online donations
  • 150 currencies
  • 5% platform fees
  • 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction third party credit card fees
only on funds raised by the crowd

HIDDEN FEE ALERT! Sites claiming to charge only 2.9% on your campaign actually charge you on your matching funds and not just the crowdfunded money!

And those saying they are ‘100% Free’ will charge your donors up to 15% and you'll still need to pay 3% for processing. CauseMatch will never charge your donors anything.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Ignite my cause