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World Mizrachi is a recognized non-profit (seif 46) in Israel (Amuta ID - 580227726). Donations in USD, CAD, GBP and NIS are tax-deductible.

For two days, people from all over the world will join together to support year-in-Israel yeshivot and seminaries. These institutions form the backbone of Torat Yisrael, developing bnei and bnot Torah one shiur, one sefer, one year at a time.

Now, unprecedented financial challenges due to COVID-19 place this unique experience at risk. Between an unforeseen reduction in programmatic subsidies and an exponential increase in scholarship request, the viability of these programs is in question.

And that means that our children’s futures are in jeopardy.

In response, World Mizrachi has partnered with close to 50 Torah institutions to help bridge the financial gap. Please donate to one, some, or all of them.

Each yeshiva and seminary has a story to tell. Click on the different campaigns to learn what each has to offer.

Rabbi Doron Perez, Chief Executive of World Mizrachi

Few experiences transform Jewish lives more than a gap year in Israel. Let's not allow the Corona crisis to weaken our incredible Torah institutions and deny even one needy student from this life-changing year. This is the essence of Mizrachi’s mission.

Rabbi Reuven Taragin, Educational Director at World Mizrachi

This campaign is special because it protects and strengthens the concept of a year in Israel and all that it means for building Torah communities around the world.