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World Mizrachi is a recognized non-profit (seif 46) in Israel (Amuta ID - 580227726). Donations in USD, CAD, GBP and NIS are tax-deductible.

World Mizrachi Day of Giving for Yeshivot and Seminaries in Israel

For 36 hours, people from all over the world are contributing to the largest Day of Giving for yeshivot and seminaries in Israel. These institutions form the backbone of Torat Yisrael, developing bnei and bnot Torah one shiur, one sefer, one year at a time. But they are only as strong as the people who support them.

Please donate today to one, some, or all of these special institutions.

No Jewish teenager should ever be denied the opportunity to study Torah in Eretz Yisrael due to financial constraint!

This past year taught us to never take the opportunity to learn in Israel for granted. It can be taken away in the blink of an eye.

Please donate today to ensure this once-in-a-lifetime experience is available to all who want it, regardless of financial constraints.

Every dollar you donate makes these institutions stronger. Every dollar you donate demonstrates your commitment to Torah learning. Every dollar you donate translates into another Jewish leader developing the tools to flourish.

Donate today to share the zechut every time the talmidim and talmidot of these institutions enter the beit Midrash. Every time they open up their minds to new ideas. And every time they take another step forward on their never ending journeys toward becoming true ovdei Hashem.

Your gift makes a world of difference. Please donate today.

Each yeshiva and seminary has a story to tell. Click on the different campaigns to learn what each has to offer.

Rav Doron Perez, Executive Chairman of World Mizrachi

The gap-year experience in Israel is a pivotal time in so many Orthodox Jewish young adult's lives, where they come to experience Torah and Judaism within a framework that sets them up for religious and communal leadership roles and helps to influence the depth of their relationships with and commitment to Torah, Israel and the destiny of the Jewish people.