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A Few Words from the Heart

Not only are thousands of Viznitzer Chassidim in Israel and around the world eagerly awaiting the completion of the Viznitz Beis Medresh in Bnei Brak.

but thousands of Yidden throughout the world are anticipating it as well.

Viznitz has always been the pinnacle, the height of spiritual aspiration and achievement. 

The pinnacle for unparalleled, heart-rendering Tefilla, for special Chassidus, for uplifting Kedushas Shabbas Kodesh, for enthusiasm at the performance of every Mitzva   and for  making Avodas Hashem pleasurable and sweet. 

Every Yid feels at home there. Every Yid who enters the gates of the Heichal, is uplifted by the Kedusha of Shabbos, and is misaneg al Hashem, delights in Hashem, with simcha and goodness of heart. 

And every Yid is accepted there with warmth and love.

For in Viznitz, we see the realization of the three values every Viznitzer Chassid lives by:

Ahavas haTorah, Ahavas Hashem Yisbarach, and Ahavas Yisroel!


And now, the Beis Medresh is being built anew, as an exquisite world center, with spacious sanctuaries for Torah and Tefilla, a large Beis Medresh, and additional floors that, with Siyatta Dishmaya, will serve as a world center for Torah and Chassidus.

The decision to build was not an easy one. The Rebbe, shlita, has often stated, "I inherited my Mesirus Nefesh for each and every bochur from my fathers Hakedoshim, in whose footsteps I followed"

"I am not doing this for myself; nor am I making this appeal for my honor" the Rebbe states, his heart laden with emotion. This edifice is to be a place of Yiras Hashem, Torah, and Chassidus, a shelter from the Street, a place where one can attain greater closeness to Hashem, a place for all young men who desire lehisaneg al Hashem, to delight in Hashem.

This is the only way we can stand up against a raging flood—with a Teiva that is unquestionably  strong, steady and secure!