Thrive: The Gift of Loving Israel and Calling it Home

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Thrive at Hebrew University

Help tomorrow’s leaders find their place in the Jewish story and Israel’s future

Thrive: The Gift of Loving Israel and Calling it Home

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"We'll DOUBLE each dollar you give."

If you've participated in Thrive, if you know someone who has been on a Thrive program, or even if you've just watched the video right above….

You know that Thrive participants have found a sense of belonging to a People. Their People. They have found a special connection to their homeland and its citizens.

Now you have the opportunity to create that experience for others. Your donation to Thrive ensures that Jewish young adults - during their formative years of college - will experience the prestige and culture of Israel during their semester(s) abroad.

The "Thrive-effect" is well documented. Thrive is the MOST immersive and impactful semester-in-Israel program there is. The five-month program allows students to experience both the sophisticated flavors of Jewish life and Israel’s unparalleled history..

From celebrating Sukkot in our homeland’s capital to seeing the bright lights of Chanukah candles light up the city, Thrive is the perfect backdrop for Jewish college students to experience the grandeur of Israel and the privilege for forming a Jewish identity.

With so much anti-Israel and anti-Semitism running rampant on college campuses, we need students who are confident, willing, and able to stand up and speak out for Israel.

Now, more than ever, these college students need experiences like deep CONVERSATIONS, rich EXPLORATIONS, and festive CELEBRATIONS to develop strong Jewish identities and unbridled Israeli pride.

At this crucial point in their lives - and at this crucial juncture on college campuses -  Jewish students need to understand the gift of Israel and the opportunity to call it home, if only for a semester. That is the impact of your donation.

Because of you:

  • Alisa will acquire the language she needs to stand up for Israel when she returns to her University of Michigan campus.  
  • Richard will experience life on an IDF base and discover a kinship with Israelis that he could never have previously imagined.
  • Steph will discover the power of prayer and the majesty of a Shabbat meal.

Because of you, students will have five months - that’s nearly half of a year - to learn what being Jewish means. Five months to understand that just three generations ago, Jews could not simply enter Jerusalem’s Old City and visit the Kotel. Thrive participants have five months to access Israel, a privilege that nearly every generation that came before would envy.

Because of you, students will choose to study in Israel, at Hebrew U, as opposed to living and learning in Italy, Spain, or China. They will unearth a side of Israel and of Judaism that will positively impact their identities for life.

Your donation will go directly to recruiting more students to choose Israel and this immersive experience as their study abroad destination.

Without you, students like Alisa, Richard, and Steph will never fully understand how truly special Israel is. And without a strong connection to Israel and their fellow Jews, their Jewish identities are at risk. It’s as simple as that.

You can fortify their relationships to their religion and their People.

And because of a generous matching donor, every dollar you give will be QUADRUPLED. That means QUADRUPLED the impact in students' love of Israel. QUADRUPLE the impact in forging connections between the land and young Jews. QUADRUPLE the impact in understanding one's identity and history.

This matching challenge allows you to have FOUR TIMES the impact in educating tomorrow’s leaders.

But the clock is ticking. Give now and help our young Jewish students Thrive.

By Jewish Year Abroad