Help us build the first Jewish Montessori Elementary School in Miami

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You have a role to play in shaping the education of the next generation

Help us build the first Jewish Montessori Elementary School in Miami

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"We'll DOUBLE each dollar you give."
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    Modge and I look forward to the schools future in the community

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    Good Luck on a wonderful cause!

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Thanks to ourMatching

"We'll DOUBLE each dollar you give."

From now until the end of Chanuka, each dollar you donate to our start-up Jewish Montessori Elementary School will be doubled. That means you can have TWICE the impact in changing the way Jewish children in South Florida learn!

For this one week, you can leverage your investment in the next generation of proud, self-aware Jews.  Your support will allow these young students to learn and grow through the intuitive Montessori curriculum, guided by the “Al Pi Darko” (educate each child in his/her own way) methodology.  The end result?  Children who have the emotional wherewithal and creativity to tackle life’s challenges with Simcha and confidence. But it can’t happen without you.

In our classroom, 1st-through-3rd grade children are taught individually at a level best-suited for each of their needs in a multi-age class.  Each child works closely with peers of varying ages, thereby stimulating academic and social growth. Imagine the room as each child soaks up and shares the lessons learned, all the while gaining a love of Hashem, His Torah, and His world.  These children are developing the eternal values of the Torah along with the ability to engage and steer contemporary culture with knowledge and confidence   all thanks to your assistance.

Under the leadership of our esteemed educational director, Rabbi Daniel Presberg, our students are well-positioned to benefit from the multiple intelligence modalities employed by the Montessori method, fused with timeless Limudei Kodesh presented through the lens of the Al Pi Darko curriculum. But without a space conducive to learning, achieving these educational goals will be a challenge  

As a start-up pilot program, we opened our doors just a few months ago on a shoe-string budget, and our one classroom is currently located in a converted office.  Additionally, as is the case throughout Jewish Education, our operating costs are significant.  Your donation will help ensure the sustainability of this innovative Jewish Montessori Elementary program and allow us to build out a proper classroom space for the children in time for the start of the second semester.

Please donate and be a partner in the development of this unique educational model. And remember, each dollar you donate now will be matched – up to $50,000.00!  Your generosity WILL make all the difference!