You can change the life of a child with disabilities. Give the gift of inclusion.

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Shutaf Inclusion Programs in Jerusalem

Celebrate 10 years of Shutaf Inclusion with a Double-Dollar Donation!

You can change the life of a child with disabilities. Give the gift of inclusion.

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"We'll DOUBLE each dollar you give."
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"We'll DOUBLE each dollar you give."

You may know a child like Matan, a 6th grader with behavioral and anxiety issues. His parents are out of solutions. They don’t know why their affectionate and loving child has become so reclusive. Matan feels angry all the time. The word ‘no’ sets him off into an uncontrollable rage. He lashes out verbally and physically at everyone.

Matan and his family need help. They need to find a positive, inclusive social environment where he can mature, flourish, and feel good about himself.

When you give to Shutaf, you give children like Matan the opportunity to develop the tools to overcome his unique obstacles.

Like Bar and his family (featured in the video above), needed help when he first arrived at Shutaf. Bar, who has cerebral palsy, has physical disabilities and some cognitive delay. He was an angry 13 year old, prone to unexpected outbursts of anger, physical and verbal. It took time and careful attention from Shutaf’s professional staff in order to work through Bar’s anger. Over time, Bar was able to express his kinder side along with his intelligence, his good sense of humor, his love of animals and the outdoors. All thanks to donors like you.


Children with disabilities need your help. They need Shutaf’s excellent, inclusive programs. Shutaf’s accepting community where children with disabilities can find social success while learning to accept and cope with their challenges.

There are many more children with disabilities like Matan and Bar who need Shutaf in their lives right now. Your gift will help them find success at Shutaf.

For 10 years, thanks to donors like you, Shutaf has transformed the lives of children and young people with disabilities, ages 6-23, with thoughtful year-round, inclusion programs.  Maintaining a high quality of care is challenging. Your gift ensures that every child who wants a Shutaf experience gets one, regardless of financial background.

In celebration of Shutaf’s 10 years of social impact, you can DOUBLE your dollars and DOUBLE your impact, up to $60,000. Thanks to a generous matching donor, your gift is matched and doubled for the next 10 days through December 31st.

$60,000 for children with disabilities. That’s tuition scholarships for Shutaf Day Camps during Hannukah, Passover and August vacations, and our dynamic, Young Leadership Program for teens and young adults.

Shutaf is a community whose mission is to create an accepting space for every participant. Your gift can help turn a child’s biggest challenges - like social isolation and anxiety - into self-confidence and newfound friendships.

Your gift can change a child’s life.