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 Oraysa-The global Amud V'chazara initiative

 Developed in collaboration with leading Roshei Yeshiva and Gedolei Yisroel, under the נשיאות of Hagaon Rav Noach I. Oelbaum שליט"א, Oraysa is a global initiative which provides a structured daily learning platform with resources and support to facilitate learning, review and retention of one's limud Gemara. The core of the program is learning 1 new Amud/5 days a week, review yesterday's Amud, and then again on Friday and Shabbos to review the past week's 2.5 blatt.
 Oraysa resources include Gemara/Rashi Shiurim in English, Hebrew and Yiddish, Iyun Shiurim, Mar'ei Mekomos, summaries of the Amud, monthly tests, Rishcha D'oraysa (pilpul chaveirim) and other resources to enhance and enrich learning on many levels.
 Oraysa Amud Yomi V’chazara is quickly developing into the premier global learning platform for thousands of bnei torah. There are over 140 chaburos worldwide (US, Canada, England, Israel etc.) with over 6,000 participants.Oraysa offers a structured slower amud pace that is attainable in chavrusa style setting, allowing lomdim to understand their learning combined with a set chazara system, and to be part of a unified klal with set goals for continued torah learning in post yeshiva life. Lomdim attest how this manageable daily מחייב with it's daily/weekly reviews and tests, has changed their lives and given them a whole new appreciation of limud Gemara that they have not experienced in a long time. They are living in the daily Amud!

 Thank you for your support!

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