Sarah G – End the Pain and Suffering of Agunot in Chained Marriages

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You have a role to play in ending the crisis of get-refusal once and for all.

Sarah G – End the Pain and Suffering of Agunot in Chained Marriages

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    Thank you Sarah for your incredible dedication to this critical cause! You are a rockstar!

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    Thank you for your incredible advocacy efforts for such an important cause (and of course for always making me laugh)

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    From Melinda and Allen

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    Great job Sarah!!

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Thanks to ourMatching

"We'll DOUBLE each dollar you give."
Sarah G Past intern at ORA, future MSW at Boston College. Please help me achieve my fundraising goal so ORA can make the agunah crisis an ugly memory. If that is not a compelling reason to donate, at the very least, help me so I can stop posting on Facebook about this and annoying you for money yearly.

In our own communities, husbands are abusing their wives. They are wielding power over them by refusing to give them a get, a bill of Jewish divorce. These victims are called agunot, chained to a dead marriage. They are stuck, unable to move on with their lives. They have lost their independence.

Yet, the agunah crisis is 100% preventable. It can be stopped at any point.

That’s where you come in.

You can end the agunah crisis. You can make sure that no woman ever finds herself chained to a dead marriage. You can address this horrible epidemic and put an end to get-refusal in our communities by giving to the Organization for the Resolution of Agunot (ORA).

When you give to ORA, you attack the agunah crisis on three levels: Prevention, Early Intervention, and Case Advocacy.

Because of you, more men and women throughout our communities will sign the halachic prenup before they get married to ensure that a get is given in instances of divorce.

Because of you, more couples will take advantage of One Step Forward: The Jewish Divorce Resource Line. They will call during the divorce process before a divorce turns into a case of get-refusal.

Because of you, more women will have a full complement of resources (and people!) behind them as they fight to gain their freedom from abusive husbands.

Your support of ORA directly translates into a full-fledged attack on the agunah crisis from multiple angles. That means eliminating this form of abuse from our communities. But it won’t happen without you. These women need your support and they need it now.  

Please give and stand with agunot.

Plus, giving to ORA is simply smart philanthropy. Thanks to a group of generous donors, each dollar you donate will be DOUBLED. That means the impact of your gift will be AMPLIFIED.

Your gift is your declaration that you stand with victims of domestic abuse. Please give and demonstrate your commitment to ending get-refusal once and for all.