#OCARise! Preparing Our Children for the 21st Century
with a Passion for Jewish Life and Learning

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Ohr Chadash Academy

24 hours to contribute to the continued success of the students of Ohr Chadash.

#OCARise! Preparing Our Children for the 21st Century
with a Passion for Jewish Life and Learning

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"We'll QUADRUPLE each dollar you give."
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each dollar
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Thanks to ourMatching

"We'll QUADRUPLE each dollar you give."

For 24 hours, every dollar you give will be QUADRUPLED to provide the students of Ohr Chadash with an excellent Judaic and general studies education in a warm, vibrant, Torah-driven environment.

When you walk in the door of Ohr Chadash, the energy is palpable. From the students to the staff, they all enjoy being there, together, learning. From baking lessons in Hebrew, to a “Cafe” with a menu of books, to tablets with self-paced math, the environment and the teachers exude a passion that stimulates learning.

If you could give a child a meaningful and exciting school experience, that imparts both the skills and love for learning in today’s rapidly-changing world, you’d take that opportunity in a second, wouldn’t you? Because what better gift could you give a child?

The “Ohr Chadash Difference” is clear: technology (iPads) in the classrooms, differentiated learning, Green School certification from the Maryland Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education, significant investment in staff development for our teachers and Rabbeim, and hands-on learning are areas that encourage each student’s individual growth and accomplishment as well as his or her participation in a caring community.


The student experience at Ohr Chadash is also one of a kind: a wide-ranging  Judaic and general studies curriculum, electives from elementary through middle school, a theatrical society, art, physical education program in partnership with the JCC, school-wide middot program for both students and families, a spoken-Ivrit program, Saturday night learning, community-wide Yom Haatzmaut celebrations, and more.

Each and every part contributes to an environment that our students love, and helps them   find their place, connect, learn, and grow. Our student body has grown from 75 to 218 students in just five years.

Help take Ohr Chadash to the next level.

This is just the beginning. There is so much more we can and must do to grow and improve. Our kids, and the community, are counting on us. So for 24 hours, your donation will be quadrupled to ensure the funding necessary to deliver forward-thinking, inspired education for every student at Ohr Chadash.

Your donation will infuse more children with a love and respect of Torah and Israel. It will fund OCA’s innovative programs. It will allow us to continue to staff top-tier teachers. It will help these students learn and grow every single day.


Now, more than ever, we must do everything we can to ensure our children have the best education possible. And Ohr Chadash is an amazing investment.

Plus, giving today to Ohr Chadash is simply smart philanthropy.

Because thanks to a group of generous donors, every dollar you give to this campaign will be QUADRUPLED. That means FOUR TIMES the impact in educating our most precious resources. FOUR TIMES the impact in giving young Jewish children the most valuable gift imaginable. FOUR TIMES the impact in ensuring that the future is bright with shining stars.

Please give and help contribute to the success of our children at Ohr Chadash. #OCARise. #OCA200K.

To contact OCA directly, please call: 410-999-2200.