Turning Lives Around

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Yeshiva Neveh Zion

Neveh Zion: A truly unique yeshiva that has been helping young men discover and appreciate themselves and ultimately grow closer to Hashem.

Turning Lives Around

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"We'll DOUBLE each dollar you give."

In the Jewish world, so many young men struggle with their identity. In these confusing times, where can they go to make sense of it all and become all they can be?  For over 40 years Neveh Zion has been the address for thousands of students.

What did they find there? They found a place where Rebbeim give not only their time but their hearts and souls. They found friends also looking for honest answers to tough questions, who become friends for life, friends who proudly call themselves “Neveh alumni.”

They experienced how the beauty and meaningfulness of Torah can inspire, motivate, and change their lives. Possibly, you yourself know someone who found his place in life through Neveh Zion. And just possibly, that someone is you.

These young men need Neveh. And Neveh needs you.

Our program requires a large staff to maximize the personal attention each boy requires and deserves. Music and workout rooms, extracurricular activities, outings, and Shabbatonim are only a few of the “extras” which are essential to the growth of the students. Our yearly trip to Poland to better understand Jewish history and the Holocaust has literally changed the lives of hundreds of our students.

With your help, these boys can find what they are looking for: acceptance, respect, and love; a caring environment that addresses their doubts and challenges. Your donation means that Neveh can reach out to more searching souls and provide them with what they need to become happy and productive.

Why did a boy like Yoni throw off his kippah? Because “out there” he found acceptance and approval. But his new “interests” haven’t brought him the happiness he expected. And he learned the hard way that his “friends” don’t always have his best interest in mind. Painfully, he is still aching for understanding and guidance, to honestly deal with what is troubling him and find models who can guide him in a truly positive path.

That's where you come in. When you donate to Neveh Zion, you help Yoni, and so many others like him, be part of our yeshiva and learn ways he can turn his life around. You give him the support he needs to pick up his kippah from the floor and proudly place it back on his head. You show him that a bright future awaits, a life of meaningful accomplishments.

Plus, giving to Neveh Zion is simply smart philanthropy. That's because a group of generous donors have agreed to match each dollar you donate. That means your gift has TWICE the impact in showing young Jews how to lead meaningful lives.

Yoni and other young men like him will continue to flounder in a very confusing world unless someone reaches out a hand to help. Your donation can save a life.

The future of the Jewish people is in your hands – you can make the difference! DONATE NOW!