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On that awful day 6 years ago, we promised ourselves not to forget, to preserve the memory of the saints. To light the fire of the eternal Torah at the altar, at any time and in any situation. a Ner Tamid!

This year especially, when the entire world around us is unstable and all of life as we know it is changing, there is one thing that is stable and solid that always remains and will always remain; The light emanating from the windows of the beit midrash, the sound of the Torah rising in the place where the saints established their place and in which they gave their lives, does not cease and is not quiet. Rather it continues and intensifies day and night, illuminating the Ner Tamid.

The wonderful place of Torah established in their memory, for their commemoration and for the uplifting of their souls, stands in the heart of the neighborhood and is deeply rooted in the hearts of us all. The Beit Midrash is a spiritual home for many of the neighborhood's residents, with over 200 Torah learners studying there every day, along with all the residents of the neighborhood who ar Kove'a Itim the Beis Midrash and the Torah lessons and activities that are bustling with life all year round.

  1. "Evening Yeshiva" - together, Avreichim with working people, every evening.
  2. "Halacha group" - Avreichim who are studying Halacha. The group is led by Moreno HaRrav Shlit"a, who teaches classes regularly, and teaches the way of ruling on Halacha. The kollel is in the evening.
  3. "Libo Hefetz" kollel- Evening kollel for talmidei Chachamim, who study the evening seder at the Shul, in the format of their hearts desire.
  4. "Second Seder" - a quality and focused curriculum to acquire Halacha Lema'ase knowlege that includes Avreichim and working people.
  5. "Friday Shabbos" kollel- a large kollel that is active on Friday mornings, and on Shabbos before Shacharit, and enhances the neighborhood with the light of the Torah on Fridays and Shabbos.

This year more than ever, the residents of the neighborhood are tasked with ensuring that the candle does not go out. If in previous years we have received outside support in the form of doubling the contribution, then this year due to the collapse of the world economy we have difficulty achieving this kind of support. This year we ourselves will double and uphold the Torah. This year we ourselves will make sure that the fire does not go out. We ourselves will make sure to light a Ner Tamid!

"For a Ner Tamid I will take the fire of the Akeida" - from the Akeida we will light the Ner Tamid. The eternal candle of the Torah that will remain with us in eternal memory will never go out.

Dedication of an Avreich in the merit of the saints for one year - 700 NIS for 12 months. Parnas Yomi- 4500. It can be dedicated Le'Iiluy Nishmas, or any other purpose.