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Our Beit Midrash touches you.

You connect to the Torah that emanates from our schools.

Now, we invite you to partner with our Beit Midrash in Carmiel.

7 years ago, Midreshet Matat was established in memory of Matat Rosenfeld, Neta Lederberg's
dear student. 3 years later, the “younger brother” institution was established: Yeshivat Metivta.

Midreshet Matat and Yeshivat Metivta are unique educational institutions. We seamlessly
integrate service to God within the context of processes of change, all in the cultural and
spiritual framework of the Jewish People and humanity in general.

The midrasha and yeshiva foster the growth of Bnei Torah and Bnot Torah. Students whose
hearts yearn for a connection to God and Tikkun Olam. Their roots are planted in the traditional
world of the Beit Midrash, and their branches spread to Jewish and general culture.

God willing, and thanks to you, these promising students, each with so much potential,
will find his and her path in the gates of Torah, prayer, and service to God.

Please, partner with our Beit Midrash.

Tell your story. Why did you donate to Midreshet Matat & Yeshivat Metivta?