Mekonen: Celebrating a Diverse and Exceptional Israel with College Students

One African Jew’s journey demonstrates that Israel is a country of true inspiration

Mekonen: Celebrating a Diverse and Exceptional Israel with College Students

Make the Mekonen Experience Campus Tour a reality!

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    Attended the film at BU in Boston. The film Mekonen was touching & informative! Cafe Shahor Hazak was lively! Keep up the good work & continue to reach out to college students!

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Make the Mekonen Experience Campus Tour a reality!

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Picture an auditorium at a major university filled with college students celebrating Israeli diversity.

Thanks to supporters like you, the film Mekonen: The Journey of an African Jew is complete. The new mini-documentary follows the personal journey of Mekonen Abebe, a young African-Israeli Jewish IDF soldier, as he returns to Ethiopia to explore his roots, make peace with his past, and embrace his future in Israel.

Now more than ever, this film needs to be brought to college campuses. College students in the U.S need to become acquainted with an Israel that is diverse, open and tolerant. An Israel that they would be proud to stand up for and defend.

Each screening will include a concert by the Ethiopian-Israeli hip-hop band Cafe Shahor Hazak (Strong Black Coffee), whose hit song, Yehiye B’seder (Everything will be all right), has been played over THIRTEEN million times on YouTube and is featured in the soundtrack of Mekonen.

Your gift will go directly to creating an amazing cultural celebration, not just another speaker or dry event. Your donation will enable Jewish students to connect with Israel, its history, values and people.

Think about the impact of such an event. An event that you can make possible with your donation to Jerusalem U’s Mekonen project.

With your help, this film will impact conversations about Israel on campus. You can give students on the front lines of the propaganda war against Israel the real story about the people of Israel who live in a country where, with the right attitude, tools, and support, anything is possible.

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And because of a generous donor, every dollar you donate will be doubled. That means TWICE the number of people impacted by Mekonen’s empowering story. TWICE the Jewish pride certain to spread throughout the networks of audience members.

Please give today and share the gift of Mekonen with college students in America.