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The time is now!

We are currently at a crossroads, at a critical time for the community of Ma’ale Amos. On the one hand there is essential development and construction taking place with hundreds of families expected to arrive in the coming years. But on the other, the needs of the community are growing significantly and thus require strategic planning.

Until now we have been able to manage within our small institutions, with the avrichim having to go to kollel outside of the yishuv, while the tzedakah funds were enough to provide partially for the current residents.

In the past year alone the community doubled in the number of families (Baruch Hashem) and our needs have increased significantly but have been difficult to meet for our community and its residents. Even more so, as we have had to assist with the absorption of many additional families.

We must establish a full-day kollel, strengthen our educational institutions, and help families in need. In short, we require everything that an ultra-Orthodox community in Israel must have! Nothing can be left out.

We cannot continue to exist without outside assistance. We can’t exist without educational institutions, and without the communal assistance that all residents of other cities naturally receives, but which we are lacking here.

When you donate to a kollel in Jerusalem, if G-d forbid activities stop in the kollel, the avrichim have the option of joining a kollel nearby. Or if you donate to a needy family, that family can approach a different non-profit if necessary. But when you donate to Ma’ale Amos, you know that if you don’t give, we can’t exist. That is our current dilemma – to continue, or to fold. It’s as simple as that.

You now have the rare opportunity to contribute to an important cause that will determine the spiritual and physical future for Ma’ale Amos. We look forward to your partnership and wish you great blessings for standing with us to continue in the raising of the next generation of lovers of Torah, in the hills of Gush Etzion.