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I hope your life in Israel is everything you hoped for & more, BH!
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You’re reading this because you understand that successful aliyah to Israel requires a community; a place where people care for each other and a Rav that works tirelessly for their success.

Families come to Israel with a dream. They’ve made the difficult, and sometimes frightening, decision to leave their homes and families to begin a new life in Israel. When making a new home in Israel, community makes the difference.

Community is what enables the Jewish People to thrive in their G-d-given Homeland. Without it, Israel can seem polarized and fractured, a place better to dream about than to live in. 

That's why donating to Kehillas Shivtei Yeshurun is so important. 

KSY is precisely that community that empowers and enables olim to Israel to grow. KSY is not the place for politicization and division. As they enter the Kehilla to a refreshing new world of friends, spiritual guidance, and growth, they know that they have made the right decision and a life of Torah and Avodah awaits them. They know their dream will be fulfilled.

At KSY, families thrive, children are happy and adjusted, a focus on what’s truly important (becoming an oved Hashem) takes the lead. At KSY there is ONLY room for growth, meaning, positivity, joy, and passion.


When you donate, you give Rabbi Yaacov Haber and his KSY family the tools to create a unique, inclusive  community in Israel. Help Rabbi Yaacov Haber and his team do what they do best: inspire and guide people toward a happy, healthy Jewish life in Beit Shemesh and throughout Israel.

When you donate to KSY, you invest in this ever-growing community committed to experiencing beautiful Judaism in Eretz Yisroel. Your donation to KSY will go directly to completing the second (and final!) half of a new building to facilitate that growth. You’ll build a one-stop shop where Torah, Tefillah, and communal chessed pour into the streets. 

To date, this enormous endeavor has been self-funded by the families associated with the community. But successful Aliya and healthy community doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It relies on the generosity of people like you. People who care about thriving Jewish life in Israel. 

Because of your donation more people will have the space to:

  • Get the vital spiritual, financial and community support that they need. 
  • Daven and learn Torah together to strengthen each other. 
  • Attend life altering programming for men, women and children. 
  • Assist hundreds of married and single people, that need a helping hand. 
  • Reach out to others with so much chesed. 

All in an environment that empowers and equips Olim to succeed and children to become committed Bnei Torah with ahavas Yisrael in their hearts. 


Because of your donation, the KSY community will serve as a model for other communities that similarly seek such goals.

THIS is what Jewish life is supposed to look like.

Every donation brings us a step closer to opening our new space. 


Every donation lays another brick of this makom Torah. 


Every donation means another sefer on the wall, another Torah-mind nourished and another family whose varying needs are addressed.  

Your gift is an investment in the very best of Klal Yisrael. It’s an investment in each and every soul who walks through our door.  But we can’t grow without your help

To meet the needs of today's Oleh, we need your help. 

We can't complete construction of this building without you. Please open your heart and donate now. The future of our community is in your hands.

Tell your story. Why did you donate to Kehillat Shivtei Yeshurun?