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Rina & Lance Friedman and Family


Though my dad is no longer physically with us, his memory continues to live on through all of us. We are so grateful to everyone who is helping his legacy continue through this effort.
Sharon and Marc Katz


Shari's  father was such an amazing , sweet and caring person. His neshama should have an aliyah . 
Bernard Furmansky


Love you always
Schiff Family


Our whole family loved Larry and admired his many Midot Tovot.
Steven and Fannie Maryles


May his neshama have the highest aliya 
cynthia friedman


this will keep his memory alive and be an example for his children and grandchildren


Larry’s nishama should have an aliyaWe miss him
Michele and Ben katz


in memory of Larry Friedman
Lois and Leslie Katz


Aaron Zaretsky


In loving memory of my dear brother in law Larry Friedman who was always there for me and will always be missed.
Koppy and Sara Maryles


Shari & Yossi Katz and Family


Barry and Audrey Rosner


We know that Larry will not be forgotten by his many friends and family. He really cared about so many people and everyone that he met became a good friend to him. We will always remember him.
Rena & David Maryles & Family


Safier Family


It is hard to believe that we will be commemorating the 25th yahrzeit of our dear father, husband, and friend, Larry Friedman A'H this erev pesach. Larry brought so much joy and happiness to all who knew him with his positive energy and smile. Those who knew him always have a memorable story to tell, and it is so great to keep hearing them. As a Kohen(priest), Larry enjoyed his special time on the holidays being able to stand proudly on the bimah of the shul and recite the birkat kohanim (priestly blessing). He loved shul, and was there all the time for davening and for board activities, which is probably why they just made him the gabbai. With his passion for shul, and love for being a kohen, we were looking for a special dedication opportunity in his memory, and we found a great one to continue his memory. A good family friend of ours, Rabbi Shlomo Katz, is in the process of building a shul, Kehilat Shirat David, with his community in Efrat. Our father had the opportunity of knowing Shlomo as he was at our house on so many shabbat afternoons, and Shlomo's father, Avshalom Katz, was a staple in our lives growing up. We are excited at the opportunity to help Shlomo and the community of Efrat fulfill their dream in building Kehilat Shirat David. We would like to dedicate the platform used for birkat kohanim in the main sanctuary in his honor. We would be honored if you would help us with our effort. Please reach out to any of us for additional details.

Any contribution is greatly appreciated.

Every so often, you are presented with the opportunity to do something truly special. To transform the world, one heart at a time. To create an environment where a global community of Jews learn, grow, and soar together. 

Please donate to Kehilat Shirat David today and unleash the potential of the Jewish soul. 

Here in Efrat, Rav Shlomo Katz leads a kehilla that uses each day to celebrate the light of Torah. Now, it’s time to build this kehila a proper home, a mikdash me’at, befitting of the values expressed inside.

Your gift completes a journey that started in a rented basement apartment seven years ago. We cannot finish the construction of our makom Torah without your help. 

When you donate, you give olim a destination. A place where congregants can literally reach out their hands to feel the kedusha of the Judean Hills. A place infused with meaning and purpose.  

But the truth is that your gift does so much more. 

You see, when you donate, you aren’t just building a shul. You mobilize a movement. You open the door for people all over the globe to access the Torah of Rav Shlomo.

Because of you, a mother will discover newfound meaning at her Shabbat table. She will understand how to infuse her Friday nights with majesty in a way that uplifts her entire week. 

Because of you, a husband will strengthen his relationships with his family. He will gain a self-awareness that will give him a healthier, more hopeful outlook on life. 

Because of you, a child will fall in love with niggunim. He will use shira – song – to connect to his history and to the Land of Israel. 

Make no mistake about it: your donation directly translates into more people growing closer to HaShem.

This symphony of Jewish souls relies on the generosity of people like you. People who care about lifting up and leading Klal Yisrael. 

This cause is so important that we have set an ambitious goal to raise $10,000 in just 36 hours. If we do not hit this goal, we simply won’t have the resources to complete the construction of our new home. 

Every donation lays another brick of our new building. 

Every donation puts another sefer on the shul’s shelves.

Every donation extends the reach of this amazing kehilla and adds another voice to our song. 

Please open your heart and donate today. We don’t have a moment to lose. 

Chag Kasher V'Sameach,
Cynthia, Shari & Yossi, Nicole & Ellie, Allison & Joe, and Lance & Rina