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The future of the Swiss Jewish community is in your hands. 

You understand that a good Jewish education is the cornerstone of every thriving Jewish community. Without a school, yiddishkeit cannot survive. 

That’s why it’s so important to donate to Jüdische Schule Zürich. Your gift paves the road to the bright future that lies ahead. 

You see, the Zurich community is dangerously close to closing Jüdische Schule Zürich, an all-girls school that has educated Jewish children all over Europe for decades. 

Jüdische Schule Zürich has been forced to evacuate their building, ostensibly a death sentence for this historic institution. But the local municipality has given the community one chance to save the school. 

If we can raise enough money to start construction, the government will allocate us a new piece of land right in the heart of the Jewish neighborhood in Zurich. 

Please don't squander this opportunity to save the Jewish community in Zurich. Please donate today!

If we can raise 12,000,000 CHF, we will have enough to complete the construction and relocation of our school. If we can't raise the money, we will have no choice but to close our doors to the beating heart of our community.

You are our only hope! 

Please open your heart and save Jüdische Schule Zürich. Your gift is an investment in the future of the Jewish community in Zurich. It is an investment in each and every student who enters a classroom.

Our future is in your hands. Please donate today because we don't have a moment to lose.