Making Sense in a World of Confusion

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A resource for Jewish educators to spread the foundations of Judaism Making Sense in a World of Confusion

You have a role to play in helping others access Judaism on a deeper level

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"We'll DOUBLE each dollar you give."

We live in a world of confusion. Jews everywhere are grappling with questions and issues that go to the very heart of Jewish belief, life and practice. Now, through, you can provide a resource for Jewish educators and rabbis to help people understand Judaism on a deeper level.

After over thirty years of teaching and training teachers at Aish HaTorah as well as numerous yeshivot, seminaries, and outreach programs, Rabbi Asher Resnick has launched to make his wealth of material accessible to a far wider audience. Rabbi Resnick is a disciple of Rav Noach Weinberg, of blessed memory, a genius at formulating and articulating the foundations of Judaism. will be providing an invaluable service to Jews who need it most. But for to be able to fulfill its true potential requires your help.

Because of you, Jews around the world will appreciate that God and Judaism is  reasonable, relevant, and inspiring.

Because of you, educators will have the tools and resources to create immediate impact.

Because of you, there will be a website that is specifically designed for outreach professionals to concentrate on the foundations of Judaism.

Additionally, as a bereaved parent, Rabbi Resnick’s extensive writings on loss, suffering and trauma will provide a Jewish perspective on coping with these sensitive life issues. But they cannot happen without you.

Your gift to will directly fund the infrastructure behind the website. Your gift will be responsible for facilitating the writing, marketing efforts, and all of the equipment that will help us to perpetuate Torah.

And because of generous matching donations, every dollar you donate will be doubled! That means you'll have twice the impact in spreading clarity to those that need it the most.

We cannot make this happen without you. Please give and help provide an unprecedented level of access to Torah scholars and experts in outreach who will be able to help those searching for answers.