PROJECT INSPIRE: Ignite the Ultimate Jewish Journey

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Project Inspire

Join a movement of mutual inspiration. Help send Jinspire men and women on a life-changing Jewish journey.

PROJECT INSPIRE: Ignite the Ultimate Jewish Journey

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"We'll TRIPLE each dollar you give."
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    Refuah Shlaima for Aharon ben Fruma

  • Carol Molko $72

    Such a very worthwhile cause!!! Thank you!

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    Refurnished shlaima for eliezer Raphael ben pessel

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Thanks to ourMatching

"We'll TRIPLE each dollar you give."

THANK YOU for helping us reach our $300,000 goal! We are so touched by the overwhelming generosity and appreciation shown by you over the past day. We could not continue the trips, Israel Reconnect Experiences and all the follow-up without your support.

In just 24 hours, YOU helped us secure sending our Jinspire men and women on the ultimate Jewish experience: a life-changing Israel journey...empowering dads, moms, husbands and wives, uplifting entire families… followed by the next steps to translate that inspiration into their daily lives. Their inspiration inspires not only them, but also us. YOU are now a part of their journey.


But because we need to do SO MUCH MORE… our matching donors are going to continue to match our campaign into a BONUS ROUND. Help us maintain and expand…the one-on-one learning program with over 1,000 twosomes learning Torah, weekly Lunch ‘n Learns in Manhattan, Shabbatons, Conventions, Tisha B’Av and motivational and humorous videos... everything we do to elevate and share the Jewish inspiration felt in all corners of our community.

Your gifts will be DOUBLED through the end of the year 2016 to January 1, 2017! Thank YOU!!!