Creating Leaders on Campus who Stand Up for Israel

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Now more than ever, pro-Israel students on campus need your help. Now more than ever, they need Hasbara Fellowships. 17 hours to triple your impact!

Creating Leaders on Campus who Stand Up for Israel

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"We'll TRIPLE each dollar you give."

You may know someone like Alisa. She is a sophomore on a campus with a small-but-strong Jewish population. She is proud of Israel but she doesn’t feel confident that she knows enough.

On campus, Alisa is confronted by anti-Israel extremists. They scream lies and spew hate. They create divisions and discord. They intimidate pro-Israel and Jewish students.

Walking across campus, Alisa often feels helpless to stand up to hatred. Threatened by those demonizing Israel. Confused about the truth.

That’s where you come in. You can give Alisa the tools to step up to the anti-Semitism invading colleges across the globe.

Donate to Hasbara Fellowships and send more students on our unique two-week advocacy training program in Israel. Because of you, these students will receive the knowledge, experience, and motivation to return to their campuses as strong, pro-Israel advocates.

The impact of Hasbara Fellowships is well-documented: Thanks to generous supporters like you, thousands of students have traveled to Israel with Hasbara Fellowships. They meet with experts, journalists, government officials, activists, soldiers, entrepreneurs, and regular Israeli citizens. They ask questions and explore the country’s complicated history.

Most importantly, they learn how to take what they learn back with them to their campuses to stand up for Israel. Upon returning, these students are ready, willing, and able to educate their peers and dispel the lies carelessly flung around campus.

But with each passing day, Israel needs more advocates. That’s why we’re turning to you - someone who cares about Israel and its future - for help.

You can help Jews like Alisa forge proud identities connected to Israel, its culture, and its history. You can help students like Alisa stand up for Israel on their campuses.

By supporting Hasbara Fellowships, you put into action your belief that Israel will not be defeated. Not on the home front and not on college campuses.

This cause is so important that a group of generous donors has agreed to match each dollar you donate TIMES THREE. That’s TRIPLE the impact in protecting Israel from those who wish to destroy it.

BUT this campaign ends at 12:00pm on November 15! 

Please give and show your support for Israel. Give college students the tools to stand up to anti-Israel rhetoric.