HaBoydem: Giving People and Clothes a Second Chance

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Helping people with mental illness help people in poverty

HaBoydem: Giving People and Clothes a Second Chance

A unique second-hand clothing store and social business is rewriting the rules of employment

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"We'll DOUBLE each dollar you give."

The campaign is over, but our work continues on. If you want to make a contribution to Haboydem, and help empower our workers back into the workforce, please click here.

It’s a privilege to watch Rama work. If you don’t know her story, she appears to simply be a sales associate working in a clothing store. But once you hear what she’s been through - and how special her employer is - you’ll want to see it for yourself. Rama deals with a dual diagnosis, mental illness and substance abuse. For years, she has tried to live a normal life in Israel and abroad, unable to face her disability, due to the negative stigma attached to mental illness in society. Things got worse after the untimely death of her son, and Rama knew she needed help. Her illness was still affecting her every waking moment. She was admitted and re-admitted to the hospital for treatment, but the hard part came after her release.  How was she to re-enter life, society, the workforce? She set on a long search for help to cope with her disability and move forward.

Luckily, special people like you have contributed to build HaBoydem, a unique  second-hand clothing store, exquisitely designed  to actually feel more like a Zara, fully serviced by people recovering from mental illnesses. Rama received training at HaBoydem for just over a year. Her rehabilitation, supervised by Haboydem’s professional staff in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health’s Mental Health Department, provided her with stability on her journey through rehabilitation, and with pride, meaning and employment satisfaction. Today, she has moved to normative employment, amazingly, as an assistant in a hostel empowering other people with mental illness and showing them how they can take control of their lives. Here’s where HaBoydem ups the ante: Your donation to HaBoydem goes directly to vouchers for welfare recipients and lone soldiers who may not have not the means to buy clothing on their own. Your generosity enables them to shop with dignity, which in turn, ends up paying for the salaries of employees like Rama who carry the burden of a mental illness. Your donation helps both those in poverty and those fighting a disability. You’re a hero on two fronts! And thanks to a generous donation, every dollar you donate will be doubled! The clock is ticking. We don’t have much time before this special offer runs out.

Donate today and help a father who would otherwise be unable to buy his child a new shirt for school. Donate today and help those suffering from debilitating mental illnesses assimilate into the workforce. Donate today and help people reclaim their lives. No stigmas. No judgments. Just bona fide employment. Donations are tax deductible in the U.S., Australia, and Israel.