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Bracha Goldberger


BH for TY

For one day, each dollar you donate to Congregation Tiferes Yisroel will be tripled!

That means you can have THREE TIMES the impact in creating a space of connection, warmth, and spirituality. THREE TIMES the impact in sharing the beauty of our tefillos with others. THREE TIMES the impact in growing our inspirational family.

This year we are honoring Keely and Jillian Goldberger in appreciation of their generous support of our shul. If you know Keely and Jillian, you know that they are very hospitable and care deeply about our community, particularly Tiferes Yisroel!

Jillian creates an atmosphere of “relax and enjoy Shabbos” as she welcomes dozens into their home nearly every Shabbos, preparing numerous delicacies for all to enjoy. Jillian spent many years providing loving daycare in our community and now is raising a beautiful family together with Keely.

An expert in the concrete business, Keely has poured many mikvaos in the Baltimore-Washington area and has replaced most of the walkways at our shul. His next project at our shul will be performing the excavation, site work and concrete work to provide a new handicap accessible entrance into our social hall.

Today, you can express your appreciation to Keely and Jillian by supporting the shul that is ever close to their hearts.

If you’ve ever stepped foot into Rabbi Goldberger’s Shul, Tiferes Yisroel, you know that feeling of warmth, friendship and belonging that immediately surrounds you. Each person who walks in is welcomed and accepted. The kehila, together, strives to create a beautiful harmony, where tefilos are lifted to shamayim.
If you’ve stepped foot into Tiferes Yisroel, you know that here every Jew’s song is cherished.

But what you may not realize is just how much this symphony of Jewish souls relies on the generosity of people like you - people who care about sharing the realness and warmth of the Tiferes Yisroel family.

Here, philanthropy makes a huge difference. Your gift supports the work of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Goldberger.

Because of you, another soul will add an authentic voice to the song of the Jewish people.

This cause is so important that a group of donors has challenged us to raise $120,000 in ONE DAY. To help with that goal, they have generously agreed to TRIPLE every dollar you donate.

And with that goal in hand, we can all enjoy a CELEBRATORY CONCERT on March 23rd, at the JCC Owings Mills’ Gordon Center, featuring world class musician and singer Yonatan Razel of Yerushalayim.

Please donate today!

For a donation of $1,000, you receive 2 PREMIUM tickets to the Yonatan Razel concert.
For a donation of $100, you receive a PREFERRED ticket to the concert.
For a donation of $50, you receive a GENERAL ticket to the concert.

Act fast and watch your donation triple! Remember, you have only 24 HOURS - until March 2 - to make it happen!

You are a part of Rabbi Goldberger’s family. We ask you today to step up and become a pillar of it.

Click the donate button and pass on the excitement. Remember to share our message with family and friends!

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