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Dream Doctors: Delivering the Best (and Most Delightful) Medicine

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Dream Doctors

The secret to better hospital care has a red nose and a silly hat

Dream Doctors: Delivering the Best (and Most Delightful) Medicine

Medical clowning transforms the lives of children patients and their families.

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"We'll DOUBLE each dollar you give."

You should be glad you didn’t see the look of horror on Talya’s face before her surgery.

The doctors were beginning to prep the eight-year-old girl for an invasive surgery on her stomach. Talya was kicking and screaming, old enough to know the perils and pains that accompany a trip to the OR. The doctors and nurses tried to settle her down, but nothing they said helped. If only there was some way to calm this brave little patient.

We ask you today to donate to a proven solution that empowers children and adults with serious medical conditions to cope with their illnesses and ease their anxieties.

Medical clowning is no joke. Research is in and medical clowning works.  And with your donation to Dream Doctors, you can add five highly trained medical clowns - Dream Doctors - to medical centers across Israel.

The results speak for themselves. For example:

  • Putting trained clowns on medical team leads to benefits in pain relief, stress reduction, and boosting immunity
  • Presurgical and postsurgical patients who interact with medical clowns need less anesthesia before and less pain medication after the operation
  • In-vitro fertilization patients who are exposed to clown therapy right after implantation are more likely to become pregnant
  • Less time needed for operating rooms, cuts down on costs and time of the doctor.

It works because all Dream Doctors clowns have rigorous medical and performance training. They are considered therapists, not just comic relief. And they are fully integrated into the medical team.

Dream Doctors professionals have been working since 2002 in 29 hospitals across Israel. Their unique formula that combines performance art and medicine has led to scientific evidence for its effectiveness.

But just knowing that medical clowning is effective doesn’t heal patients. As the benefits of the medical clown become more and more apparent, the need for more clowns and more clowning hours is rapidly increasing.

That’s where you come in.

Your donation to Dream Doctors goes directly to fund five medical clowns in Israel. That means more hospitalized children in Israel will have better odds at recovery because of you. There is simply not enough funding to employ these medically-trained performers without your help.

And, beginning on Yom Ha’Atzmaut and lasting through June 9, because of a matching gift, every dollar you donate will be DOUBLED! Twice the impact in shortening patients’ recovery time. Twice the impact in delivering therapeutic treatment plans. Twice the impact in lessening pain medication. Twice the impact in healing a sick child.

Please give, and give generously.

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