Help Educate Jewish Students for Today’s Campus Experience

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Help Educate Jewish Students for Today’s Campus Experience

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Thank you to our generous matching donors

Going to college for the first time is an exciting milestone - one that we remember all our lives. It’s a time for students to learn about themselves, to embark on new adventures and to explore the wider world around them. It should be one of the most wonderful times of life, but some students are paying the price for being Jewish on campus.

While colleges have always been places of protest, dissent and activism, some young Jews are discovering that the current chapter of student resistance is being directed towards Israel - and towards them.  

Jewish students need your help to prepare them for the campus experience that awaits them. 

Anti-Israel feelings are common at many universities. Even the most prestigious U.S. campuses are not immune, with activities such as mock checkpoints being set up during “Israel Apartheid Week” or threatening eviction notices distributed to Jewish students in the middle of the night.

But it’s not all headline-grabbing stunts. Some actions are more subtle and perhaps even more dangerous, blurring the uncomfortable line between anti-Israel opposition and anti-Semitism.

On a growing number of campuses, for example, Jewish students are unable to participate in the progressive causes they support purely because they are Jewish. 

The Jewish experience on campus has never been more complicated. 

Your donation will go directly to giving students the tools they need to learn how to stay connected.

For any young adults, away from the security of friends and family for the first time, it’s hard to know where to turn and what to think. Especially if they don’t understand what they are being held responsible for - and why. 

This is where we come in... 

At Jerusalem U, we are developing a new series for YouTube that will provide Jewish high school students with essential information and understanding about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before they leave home for college.

This series, entitled Navigating the Realities of Life on Campus, explores the challenges of intersectionality, gives students an understanding of the most important components of the Arab-Israeli conflict and provides a comprehensive understanding of Zionism that will enrich their connection to their history and roots. 

The videos will show different perspectives and demonstrate an openness to interpreting events - even difficult ones - without compromising on facts.

So while we can’t prevent anti-Israel sentiment, we can give vulnerable Jewish students a way to handle it. 

But to carry out this important mission we need your help.

We require your generous support to produce and distribute the videos that make up this vital series and to hit our goal of reaching 10,000 college-bound students a year.

Thanks to a group of generous donors, every single dollar you give to this campaign will be matched.

But remember: none of it can happen without you.

So, please donate to our campaign to bring this crucial project to life and to help give Jewish students the tools necessary to navigate the challenges facing them on campuses today.