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Remembering Liel

The annual fundraising day for the charitable organization Chasdei Liel - remember, donate, memorialize.

We, the friends and acquaintances of the late Sgt. Liel Gideoni, who was killed in the battles of "Black Friday" during the war in the year 2014, established the "Chesdei Liel" organization in his memory. Our activity focuses on helping the needy by distributing food baskets and hot meals.
We believe and know that this is our best and worthy way to commemorate Liel, who has always loved to help and assist others with a big smile.
Over the past year, we have supported about 4,000 needy families by weekly distribution of food baskets. At the same time, we have assisted individuals, the elderly and the sick who needed emotional and financial support on various levels.
On Israel’s Memorial Day 5721/2021, as on every Memorial Day, we hold the annual fundraising day for Chasdei Liel. "To.
What is special about 'Chesdei Liel' is that it is 100% Chesed. No intermediaries, no commissions, and no salaried employees. All donations are directed to the families. We have neither a CEO nor a board of directors, we are Liel's friends here, to commemorate the name and memory of our friend who fell in the Eitan Cliff War. Donate now to the Chasdei Liel and you will have the privilege of taking part in helping needy families and commemorating the memory of a beloved soldier who was killed while defending his homeland.

Tell your story. Why did you donate to Chasdei Liel?