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Education for Values. Donating to Tradition.

Shalhevet Chabad – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in developing and building a unique educational institution for the children of Haifa.

You want to give your child the best education possible, because you know that a good education is the key to personal and professional success in life, so you are willing to do anything to send your child to the best educational framework that corresponds to your values.

Up until now, hundreds of families living in Haifa who wanted a state-sponsored school that would give their children a professional education combining values and tradition have had to give up their dream and compromise on other educational options.

Rabbi Yehuda Ginzburg, the Chabad emissary in Haifa, is known to the residents of Haifa as someone who appeals to all groups with a pleasant manner, a smile, and love for everyone. Rabbi Yehuda, the champion of everyone and every individual in the area, took up the challenge. He saw the need for such a project and met this challenge by opening an innovative school with high quality education for values and tradition – education that is suitable for everyone and unites everyone.

The enthusiastic responses from the parents who sent their children to the first class prove more than anything else the great need for a school of this type and the solution it provides and will continue to provide in the future.

Building and operating such a school is very expensive. After a few years, the school is planned to obtain recognition as an institution, entitling it to full financial support from the Ministry of Education. Until that happens, however, the school must obtain the millions of shekels that it needs from private financing.

This is your opportunity to contribute and take part in a truly great project. A donation to the Shalhevet institution will make you a partner in founding an excellent school for the children of Haifa.

This school is part of the Shalhevet Chabad project by the Ohalei Yosef Yitzhak network under the leadership of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

This project is another manifestation of the message and vision of the Rebbe, who wanted to bring light to every Jew wherever he is, and to invest in the education of Jewish children.

The Rebbe promised those donating to the education of Jewish children abundance, health, blessings, and success. With your donation, you will guarantee both material and spiritual blessings from the Rebbe for you and your entire family.

The Chabad House has been operating in Haifa's French Carmel neighborhood for over seven years and serves as the area's address for everything Jewish. Yehuda Ginsburg, emissary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe MHM, is the Chabad House's rabbi and director.

The Chabad House works to bring Jews in the neighborhood closer to their Jewish roots and and reunite them with their heritage through Torah classes, holiday events, an open synagogue on Shabbat and Jewish holidays, as well as extending help to mothers just after birth and assistance to the needy throughout the year and especially before holidays.

The Chabad House is famous for its outreach activities throughout the neighborhood and to all of its Jewish residents, regardless of gender, age, or economic status, and always conducted in a friendly and open atmosphere.

Telephone: 046733737
Address: Tzernichovsky 69, Haifa, Israel

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