Camp Koby: Healing The Children Left Behind When Terror Strikes

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The Koby Mandell Foundation

Creating therapeutic environments for victims of unspeakable terror

Camp Koby: Healing The Children Left Behind When Terror Strikes

You Have a Role to Play in the Healing Process

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Send a child who has lost a family member to terrorism to Camp Koby. Help these children heal in a therapeutic and supportive environment. All donations are DOUBLED thanks to a matching gift!

In Israel, terrorism has robbed thousands of children of those closest to them.  Mothers, fathers, and siblings - safety and love that can never be returned.

You can help a child who has experienced devastating loss through terror or other tragedy. You can add a spark to the healing process.

Because of you, a child whose world was pulled out from under them will take a crucial step in writing a new chapter.

You can send such a child to Israel's healing place. At Camp Koby, these young victims will grow through intense and meaningful experiences. They will incorporate proven therapeutic techniques that foster an environment of emotional support.

These campers will be with the only other people in the world who can relate to their loss - others whose families have been ripped apart by vile acts of terror. They will learn to translate the pain and suffering of tragedy into positive personal growth. And they will take a massive step forward in moving on.

But they can’t do it without you.

You see, Camp Koby, like all the other programs of the Koby Mandell Foundation, are free of charge. For a child that has lost a parent or sibling, Camp Koby is a beacon of hope. Sending a child there doesn’t happen on its own. We need you to make it happen.

Because of you, a child who has lost the unimaginable will develop interpersonal relationships that allow him or her to grow, to flourish, to heal.

The Koby Mandell Foundation is dedicated to creating a Jewish response to the impact of terror and tragedy. Help a child experience this one-of-a-kind environment.

And, between now and June 9, every dollar you donate will be DOUBLED! That’s right. Because of a generous matching gift, you can double your impact. But the clock is ticking. This campaign is ALL OR NOTHING. If we don’t hit our campaign goal, the matching gift will not take effect.

Sadly, as terror pervades in the streets of Israel, there are more and more victims who need Camp Koby. These children need your help and they need it now.

Please give and let the healing begin.

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