Build the Mayanot World Center #LetsBuildIt

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Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies

Help build the Jewish future. Your matched gift will ignite a movement of young Jews committed to the Jewish People, Judaism and Israel.

Build the Mayanot World Center #LetsBuildIt

Make the Mayanot World Center a reality

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"We'll QUADRUPLE each dollar you give."
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"We'll QUADRUPLE each dollar you give."

Last December at Mayanot, we set out on an ambitious goal to raise $1.8 million in 24 hours. Thanks to you - over 1880 of you! - we were able to begin something magnificent, and we purchased the grounds for the Mayanot World Center. Today, the time has come to build it!

Welcome to Mayanot’s #LetsBuildIt campaign!

If you’re still reading this, it’s most likely because you care about building a strong Jewish future. You know that nothing speaks to the Jewish soul like spending a week, month, semester or year at Mayanot!

At Mayanot, we’ve always been about building, and each of us has the ability to build something incredible. Whether it be a Jewish foundation, Jewish identity or Jewish community, we all care about building the Jewish future and we can all make a difference by coming together and creating Jewish continuity with this Center.


Daniel, for example, has been in Mayanot building a movement of his own. A tefillin movement of sorts. Daniel says by wrapping over 262 men with tefillin in just 10 hours, he is helping build Jewish pride across the world. He was inspired to start helping others because of his experience at Mayanot. He has taken his lessons to heart and knows each person really can make a difference. Along the way, he believes he set a world record!

It’s stories like these, happening every day at Mayanot, that keep us going.

So, let’s come together and #LetsBuildIt.

None of this could happen without YOU. Last year, because of your overwhelming generosity and commitment to Mayanot, we were able to purchase Mayanot’s Jerusalem home.

Today we're reaching out to you to help us take the next step to build even more Mayanot moments. This building, at capacity will house up to 220 beds which will allow us to host 220 people for 365 nights a year. Or, will allow us to build nearly 80,000 Mayanot moments in our new home!


Your gift to Mayanot will help continue to make 80,000 nights of Mayanot experiences possible.

This year, we are working with CauseMatch to partner directly with you to continue to build Mayanot. For 28 hours, all donations are being QUADRUPLED making each dollar worth four!

Together, we can make this happen! So join us and #LetsBuildIt!

For questions or assistance, please call 718-501-5423 or email us .