Twist Out Cancer Presents: Brushes with Cancer Tel Aviv

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You have a role to play in the healing process to connect, create, support, and inspire

Twist Out Cancer Presents: Brushes with Cancer Tel Aviv

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    Amazing job! Keep the good work !

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"We'll DOUBLE each dollar you give."

If you are reading this, it is because you care about people who have been touched by cancer.

A cancer diagnosis is more than a medical condition.  It changes the way you relate to your friends and family. It impacts the way you approach life.

Cancer is the ultimate equalizer. It doesn’t discriminate. Cancer doesn’t care who you are, what you look like, or what you believe in.

Cancer can also bring the best out in people. That’s why we’re turning to you today. Through a one-of-a-kind art experience, you can create unexpected intersections between artists and individuals touched by cancer.

It’s time to bring Brushes with Cancer to Tel Aviv.

For six months, previvors, survivors, and caregivers will share their stories, feelings, and experiences with talented artists. The artists will create unique pieces of artwork that reflect the arduous and unique journey of a life with cancer.

With your help, the Brushes with Cancer program will culminate in a signature celebratory art exhibition and gala at Beit Andromeda in Jaffa on March 13, 2018. These magnificent and personal works of art will be on display for auction to raise money for Twist Out Cancer.

But none of it is possible without you.

By giving to Twist Out Cancer, you will give people throughout Israel an intimate support system to address life with cancer.

You will demonstrate that good things can come from really bad situations.

You will showcase the remarkable works of art that tell the personal stories of cancer for the world to see.

Please give. Open up your heart to someone who has been touched by cancer. Help a survivor pick up the pieces and take a powerful step forward.

More than 400 individuals have already been matched through Brushes with Cancer and over 15,000 individuals have been touched by the program. You will show Israel what Chicago, Detroit, and Toronto already know: that Brushes with Cancer gives previvors, survivors, and caregivers a sense of healing.

We need $25,000 to bring this incredible program to Tel Aviv.  Thanks to a generous grant from the Schusterman Foundation, if we crowdfund $20,000, we will receive an additional $5,000 grant to help us reach the goal.

Please give, and introduce Israel to Brushes with Cancer. Let Israelis hear the stories of hope, healing, and celebration.


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