Brothers for Life — Make this film a reality

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Brothers for Life — Make this film a reality

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"We'll DOUBLE each dollar you give."

The story of Brothers for Life is the story of Israel.

A story of overcoming hardship with courage and compassion.

A story about choosing... life.

The film shares the journey of brave young Israeli combat soldiers. These soldiers were wounded in battle with terrorists, putting their lives at risk for Israel and the Jewish people all over the world.  Instead of losing hope, these everyday heroes overcame adversity and rebuilt their lives and are now working with other injured soldiers to rehabilitate their lives too.

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Brothers for Life shines a light on the courage of these young men, the price they pay to defend our values, and their determination to keep going and growing...even in the face of pain, suffering and trauma. 

These messages are crucial for young people to hear.

So please help us spread these messages and enable us to distribute Brothers
For Life to more and more people.

Let youngsters see the heroism of Israeli soldiers.

Inspire other young people in traumatic situations.

Encourage them to choose life.

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