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5 years have passed and we will not forget. 5 years of commemoration, 5 years of yearning, Torah learning and spiritualty in their memory.

5 years have passed and the dozens of Avreichim who sit and study Torah in the same place where the kedoshim studied and prayed are the torch of remembrance we carry with us.

We channeled the destruction to building and from the pain we grew stronger.

The sound of Torah that resonates - is our answer to that despicable attack. 

Kollel Ateret Kedoshim which Rabbi Yitzchak Mordechai HaCohen Rubin Shlita, established in their memory, is a spiritual lighthouse. The candle of Torah burns, in memory, in commemoration, and in lifting their neshamas.

Now, 5 years after, we must not forget. We must not let the flame die out.

In the Beit Midrash, which serves as a spiritual home for many of the neighborhood's residents. Every day about 200 Avreichim and Baalei batim, study together in five unique settings.

  1. "Evening Yeshiva" - chavrusos of avreichim and baalei batim, every evening.
  2. "Halacha kollel" -  Rav Rubin Shlita regularly teaches the participants the way of halacha and psak. The learning takes place is in the evening.
  3. Kollel "Libo chofetz" -for talmidei chachamim who come to learn  in the evening, in the format of Libo chofetz.
  4. "Second seder" - a quality and focused curriculum to acquire tools, lema'ase, which includes avreichim and talmidei chachamim.
  5. Kollel "Friday Shabbos" - on Fridays in the morning, and on the Shabbos before davening, lights the neighborhood with Torah on Fridays and Shabbos.

This year, as always, we are all invested in the continuation of their memory, and together with generous people who have taken on the matching of donations - today we will raise the entire sum.

Dedicate the learning of one Avreich: 700 nis for one month. 700 nis for 12 months, total 8,400 nis. Dedicate a Parnas Hayom (one time): 4,500 nis!   
You may dedicate leiluy nishmat or any other purpose.

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