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The Betzel Hachochmah Yeshiva was established by Rabbi Abraham Lederman, the son in law of Rabbi Yitzchok Ezrachi, one of the Roshey Yeshiva of the Mirrer Yeshiva in Jerusalem for older, high-profile boys who have gained sufficient proficiency in the standard yeshiva learning schedule and wish to explore additional learning domains. For this reason, and after consulting major Torah authorities, it was decided that the main emphasis in the yeshiva will be put on seder kodshim. 

The uniqueness of the yeshiva consists not only of the material that is learned there, but also, and maybe primarily, of the special atmosphere that prevails in it that allows boys of the age of 23 and above to learn company of others of similar age something that helps avoiding crises that arise when remaining in standard yeshivos for a prolonged time period.

This select student body is made up of highly-advanced boys who come from the most illustrious yeshivos. They are distinguished both by their diligence in learning and their spiritual level attained by being far removed from the ordinary daily experiences. The special atmosphere of the yeshiva promotes the learning bren and spiritual growth of the boys which is enhanced by close contact with the roshey yeshiva. The yeshiva is a godsend for boys of this kind and grows in numbers for this very reason.

The learning is enriched by the yeshiva’s most prominent staff. Biweekly shiyurim are given by the yeshiva’s president, Rabbi Yaffa Schlesinger. The day to day learning of kodshim is carried out under the guidance of Rabbi David Feinstein (the grandson of the Brisker Rov) who gives regular shiyurim there. Mussar lectures are given from time to time by Rabbi Shlomo Broyer, the mashgiyach of the Beis Matithiau yeshiva.

The financial burden of the yeshiva is carried by the Rosh Yeshiva – Rabbi Lederman who travels extensively to collect funds. When abroad for this purpose, he was unfortunately involved two months ago in a car accident from which he emerged with a broken foot, something that will prevent him from fundraising for an extended time period. 

In spite of this handicap, Rabbi Lederman arrives at the yeshiva to conduct it; but his lack of ability to collect funds causes the yeshiva to lose its financial backbone.

Without an immediate change in the situation the yeshiva will have to close its doors!

In view of this situation it was decided to undertake an emergency appeal to allow the yeshiva to continue until its Rosh Yeshiva will recover.

The amount thats currently needed to sustain the yeshiva during this most difficult period 

This is your opportunity to assist in maintaining this great and special enterprise – a yeshiva for dozens of high-profile boys who learn diligently and devotedly as suits their aspirations and abilities.

Contribute already today to the Betzel Hachochmah yeshiva and become a partner in this glorious enterprise.

Remember, you are the only one who can prevent the yeshiva from closing down. Do your share!