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This is a very important moment in the history of TTH Barilan. Between 06 and 10 June we will carry out a 100-hour day of donations campaign so that we can continue perpetuating our stories, traditions and dreams through those who represent the future of the community: our children.

And I don't know if you know, but our campaigns run on an "all or nothing" basis. We either hit the goal and move on, or we give everything back.

And here are 4 great reasons for you to contribute through our Pre-Campaign.

01. Jewish Values: Contribute to our mission to perpetuate Jewish values, growing children and adolescents into citizens of the world driven by our tradition.

02. Multiplication: Our goal is to raise R$ 2.5 million! We count on the participation of the whole community and great activists who will multiply by 4 all donations made!

03. Transparency: Receive, every semester, a report with the main information about how the donated resources are being invested in the school.

04. Legacy: Have your family's name immortalized in our patrons tree to be installed at the entrance of the school. Donations above R$ 2.000 will integrate this new symbol of brotherhood and community commitment.

Donate and build the future of the community with us!

#I care

PS: It's all or nothing.