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Let’s keep the flame burning – Together we support those learning in their Memory!

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Kehilat Bnei Torah - Kollel Ateret Kdoshim

We all remember the moment the reports started to come in – "Terror attack in Har Nof"…Terrorists are in a shul"…"There are dead and wounded". Those were terrifying moments we will never forget. The wailing sirens with dozens of ambulances and police forces racing in our neighborhood. The shock, the funerals, the excruciating pain, the sense of loss pervading our community and klal yisroel.

Let’s keep the flame burning – Together we support those learning in their Memory!

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In those days of crisis, amidst the sea of chaos and pain, the rabbi of our community, HaGaon Rav Yitzchak Mordechai HaCohen Rubin shlita, made a decision to set up a great kollel in memory of the kdoshim. On that very same site the Ateret Kdoshim Kollel was established – as a beacon casting its spiritual light in every direction. The Kollel is a living ner tomid where Torah's light burns bright, for the eternal memory of the kdoshim and for the aliyah of their neshoma.

The Kollel functions as a spiritual home for many neighborhood residents, some of whom are full-time learners and others who are balebatim working for their livelihood and are kove'a isim l'Torah. They all come to the Kollel and learn Torah together.

Today the Kollel numbers some 180 avreichim who are full-time learners, and runs a variety of programs:
A. Evening yeshiva – avreichim and balebatim learning together, every night
B. Halacha chabura avreichim learning advanced practical halacha The group is guided by our Rav shlita who gives shiurim to them on a regular basis imparting to them the method of psikas halacha. The learning takes place in the evening hours.
C. "Libo Chafetz" night kollel – an evening kollel for high caliber talmidei chochomim who learn night seder in the shul in the 'Libo Chafetz" approach
D. Friday-Shabbos kollel – A large kollel active on Friday mornings and on Shabbos before shacharis, filling the neighborhood with the light of Torah on Friday and Shabbos too.

Note that the Kollel's support is of utmost financial significance to the participating avreichim who are full-time learners, and many of them have indicated that it helps provide them with their most basic needs.

In the last few years we have worked together as partners to establish a Torah center in memory of our dear kdoshim hy"d. We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and partnership of klal yisroel.

Thanks to you we have been able to maintain this institution in the last year, and today we are moving ahead with an affectionate call:

Help us keep the flame burning. We need your donation, so that we can continue for yet another year.

"כי נפלתי קמתי ה' אור לי"
"Though I have fallen, I rise again – Hashem is my light"

Donation opportunities:

  • Support an avreich talmid chochom for one month – 700 NIS
  • Support an avreich talmid chochom for a year – 8400 NIS
  • Be a parnas hayom (may be dedicated to the memory of a loved one) – 4500 NIS