Our Rules

We welcome and support causes from a variety of categories: Education, Community, Environment, Health, and many more. Here are three rules every CauseMatch campaign must follow.

Campaigns Must Create a Social Benefit

Campaigns must produce a societal and/or environmental benefit. Causes can run a campaign for most any type of nonprofit or organization with a demonstrated and clear benefit to society.

Campaigns Must Have Integrity and Transparency

Campaigns must present factual and honest information. Philanthropy rests on the notion of mutual good will. Each campaign must be honest and present the facts as they are. Misleading people or misrepresenting facts is not tolerated. Organizations must be candid regarding what the funds will be able to accomplish.

Campaigns Cannot Be Divisive or Extreme

Campaigns cannot support extreme or divisive causes. CauseMatch is a home for social causes of all walks and we believe that true societal change can only come through a diverse movement. That diversity needs to be respected and so we do not accept causes that are divisive by nature.

Campaigns Cannot Support Lobby Groups

Lobby groups are inherently divisive entities and also create complexity for tax deduction purposes. As such, lobby groups or organizations doing lobby work are not allowed to run campaigns on CauseMatch.

These rules don’t cover every possible use of CauseMatch, but they explain our overarching ethos and purpose.